Parent Responsibilities

Volunteering: One of the main reasons this preschool is such a wonderful place for our students is because of the time and effort parents give to volunteer. The preschool has occasional needs for volunteers to do things such as, repairs around the school, help in the classroom, etc. Parents may volunteer in the classroom as often as they wish. Parents are encouraged to act as a “Parent Helper” during their child’s class on a regular monthly basis. Volunteering as a “Parent Helper” in the classroom does count towards one of the required participation events. Volunteers may also be needed for cutting, laminating, and other take-home projects that will be counted as a participation event. All parents/guardians who wish to volunteer in the classroom must have a completed background check. The background check is good for two school years. Click here to get your background check. The cost is $19

Fundraisers: The preschool schedules various fundraisers throughout the school year. Fundraisers help keep the preschool updated with new equipment. Each fundraiser will have a designated purpose and all the funds go directly back to the school. The minimum fundraising amount due for one child is $75.00 and $50.00 for each additional sibling(s) that attends PHCP (unless tuition was paid in full). This may be raised by participating in one or more of the fundraisers offered by the parent board. If a family does not want to participate in the fundraisers, they may “opt out” of participating and pay the $75.00 / $50.00  fees, payable with the first month’s tuition.

Participation Events: Each family is required to participate in 3 events during the school year. Some examples would be to help with the set-up or the take-down of units, parties, art show, or programs. If any family has not fulfilled their commitment there is a $45.00 per event fee for any non-completed event at the end of the school year. All incurred fees will be billed and payable by May 31. Exceptions to this requirement are board positions or special helpers/Jobs  for the teachers. Volunteering as a “Parent Helper” will count as the participation in the set-up of 1 event. Board members are exempt from participation events.

Mandatory Fall/Winter/Spring Cleaning: Each family (or a representative) is required to attend the Fall, Winter or the Spring clean-up at the preschool; families are given a choice of which one they attend. The clean-ups will be held on a designated Saturday morning. During the clean-ups, families will help to thoroughly clean the preschool inside and out and do any maintenance that is needed. Parents not attending one of the three mandatory clean-ups will be assessed a one-time $75.00 fee. All incurred fees will be billed and payable by May 31. Board members are exempt from cleanings.

Refreshments: Parents receive a monthly calendar with snack assignments. Each student will be on a rotation and assigned a day to bring snack. We love birthdays and encourage celebrating them; please contact the teachers to make arrangements. Our state licensure requires that snack consists of healthy foods.

Parties/Special Events: The preschool usually schedules special events for Halloween and Valentine’s Day. The school also hosts a winter program, an art show and a graduation celebration. The refreshment chairperson will ask parents to bring a specific food or drink item to at least two of these events. If your family has any issues with holiday celebrations, please speak to any of our teachers. Modifications can be made.

Supply Fees: Each family is required to pay a $40.00 supply fee twice per year. The first supply fee will be collected with your first tuition payment. The second, during the month of January.

Field Trips: Field trips usually accompany units of study throughout the school year. Since the school does not have a bus, it is necessary to use parent drivers. Parents should plan to drive their student, and possibly other students,  for at least one field trip during the year. Your car must be insured and state law mandates that all preschoolers must be restrained in a car seat. Per New Mexico state law, parents will be required to have a fire extinguisher and first aid kit (which the Preschool will provide) in your car at all times during the field trip. Drivers transporting students other than their own, must have a background check. Parents who cannot drive their own student will make arrangements with the directors.