About Us

Welcome to Paradise Hills Community Preschool.  Our school is community owned and operated by the parents of current students. This preschool has been in this community since 1966.  It was originally a kindergarten before APS incorporated kindergartens into their system. At that time, it was made into a community preschool.  The original teacher moved after a few years, and the preschool was left in the capable hands of Marlene Lacy who continued as the director. She retired after her nineteenth year.  In 1997, Mrs. Barbara Lindsey oversaw the operation of the preschool until 2019. Our current Director is Ms. Natalie Chacon, who has been with the preschool since 2014.  If you have had any previous experience with the preschool, you may notice changes. Some of these are reflected in tuition changes, others in the equipment and environment. We believe that both changes and long standing traditions are for the good of the children and the community.  We are proud of the fine reputation that has been established throughout the years the school has been in operation. With the support of concerned and involved parents, the high quality of education will continue.

Philosophy Statement from the Director

We believe that children are distinct and evolving individuals with budding potential and promising capacities. As learners, explores, and creators, children define themselves step by step. We believe that children can be provided exploratory environments, multiple social settings, and developmental areas that establish a sure foundation for future education growth and achievement.

We believe through different methods of teaching, we can help children reach their potential. Using Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, we discover children’s various learning styles to enhance their capacities. Lev Vygotsky’s theories have shown us how to create social settings enhancing children’s cognitive development. Using examples from Reggio Emilia, we support children’s play and enhance their learning through experiences. Technical methods and graduated practices of Maria Montessori help us provide steps of physical and cognitive development that guide children’s strengths. Finally, with the examples of Perry/High Scope preschools, schedules are formed to enhance the greatest amount of learning for each child.

Families create the first learning environment. Without family involvement, children’s learning is stifled. Families must be given the chance to use their talents for the good of their children. Through parent boards, family dinners, community collaboration, and programs, families have the opportunity to grow with their children and have vested interest in their experience.

Cultures, as well as backgrounds, are as important to children as their talents. Cultures and traditions weave strengths and identity throughout life. Children who have the opportunity to exemplify, discuss, integrate, and discover cultures are given a richer view of life and all it has to offer.

With support and integration of community, family, culture, experience, and education, each child will be able to find their strengths and build on them, and become masters of their own learning. We believe that each student should have the opportunity to reach his full potential. Children are the future, they are the hope, and they are the reason for good in the world.