General Information

Sign-In/Sign-Out: Parents are required to sign-in when dropping off and sign-out when picking up their child using a four digit PIN number. If a parent is not present, the person picking up the child must be authorized in the system with a four digit PIN.  An authorized adult must sign a student out before he/she can be dismissed; this is a safety measure for the school and a NM state law. After the child is released, they are the release person’s responsibility and the teachers have no more responsibility for the child. In the event that a child is not picked up, teachers have emergency numbers on hand for each student with a reserve of numbers of approved pick-up people. Students that are not picked-up promptly will stay under the teachers care in the preschool until someone has come. Our clock in/out system documents the time a child is dropped off or picked up. For every 15 minutes a child is picked up late, a $15 late fee will be automatically billed to your account. 

Meals and Snacks: Each day a student from each class will be assigned to provide a snack for their class,  given the food guidelines defined by the State. Requirements are nutritional and healthy snack, along with 100% fruit juice, milk, or water. Children who have food allergies will have food brought from home that will enable them to enjoy snacks. Food will be handled according to the State guidelines that are specified in the State requirements. Alternative snacks can be offered to children who have allergies if there are none provided specifically from home.

Appropriate Dress: Students are able to wear their own selection of clothing, but are encouraged to wear warm clothing during cold weather for outdoor play. Students who are not warm enough are given warm clothing that is on reserve at the preschool. Please remember that students will almost always go outside.

Parking: The preschool has enacted a parking policy because we reside in a residential community. We have taken special steps to respect our neighbors’ home life just as we would like to be treated in our own neighborhoods. When parking at the preschool, keep in mind that you are in someone’s neighborhood. Parking is permitted on the North side of the street. South side parking is permitted directly in front of the Preschool only. Parking is prohibited in front of mailboxes, driveways, and trash bins in all areas of the street. Please reserve the South side front of preschool parking for expectant moms and parents with newborns.

Parent Board: All parents are welcome to attend monthly board meetings. Please check “Calendar of Events” for the time/place of board meetings

Immunizations: Please make sure your child is up to date on all immunizations. You can upload a copy of your child’s immunizations on your parent portal.

Sickness Policy: Students should stay home from school if they are sick. Refer to the New Mexico Notifiable Diseases or Conditions List in the handbook. Please call the school if your child is going to be absent.

Absences: If your child is going to be absent, please call the preschool or send an email through the parent portal so the staff can plan accordingly. 

Snow Days: There are a few instances during the school year that snow/ice may occur. APS will usually announce in the early morning a cancellation or delay through the local media. There can be school cancellation or there may be a 2 hour delay. If there is a school cancellation for APS, preschool will also be cancelled. If there is a 2 hour delay, there will be no preschool A.M. classes. Expect an email notification if school is delayed or cancelled.

Parent Helpers: All Parent Helpers will be listed on the monthly calendars, please check the calendar for your assigned day. On your assigned day please plan to arrive 10 minutes before class time so that the teachers can let you know what you will be doing. Also please plan to stay a few minutes after class to help with clean up. All parent volunteers must have a background check. Click here to get your background check. The cost is $19. 

Toilet Training: Students who enroll in the preschool must be toilet trained. No “pull-ups” or diapers of any kind are allowed. We do not have facilities for diapers/pull-up changing. The teachers are not permitted to assist students with toilet hygiene; your child must be able to care for him/herself in the bathroom. The preschool has extra clothing on hand for toilet accidents. If a student is dropped off in a pull-up or diapers parents will be contacted to bring underwear to their child. 

Open Door Policy: Our preschool has an open door policy that allows parents to join our classes when they are available. Teachers ask that they notify the preschool if they are going to attend so that the teachers are aware at entry and exit times, and prepare. Parents are also encouraged to talk openly with teachers/directors as they feel there is a need. Please remember you must have a background check to participate in the class/parties.

Allergies/Medication: Students needing medication will be provided forms for administration. Medication and administration forms will be kept on hand in a locked cabinet for the administration by teachers upon instructions. Parents are responsible for keeping medication up-to-date at preschool. Parents should notify teachers on enrollment paperwork AND verbally of any allergies their child has. A form should also be filled out by your child’s pediatrician. Extra precautions will be taken with allergies of all kinds. A doctor-signed Allergy Action Plan and all necessary/prescribed medication MUST be on site before your child may begin school at PHCP.