Does your child want to visit a farm, take a trip to Egypt, spend some time in an igloo in the arctic, or take a trip to outer space?  Believe it or not, they can do all of these things in one year through our magical thematic units!

Surrounding children with an interesting theme promotes discovery and entices them to learn. Thematic units teach children in these important developmental areas: Social/emotional, physical, cognitive, creative, language/communication, literacy and health/safety. Each center in the preschool parallels the current area of study, such as: bugs, dinosaurs, family, space, New Mexico, etc. There are a variety of centers for your child to explore. Some of the favorite centers are dramatic play, blocks, art, science, writing, woodworking, and manipulatives. Parents will be informed of upcoming themes and invited to contribute through literature, hands-on objects, guest speakers, etc.

Our curriculum is a combination of many tried and tested theories. The main methods we integrate are Reggio Emilia, Perry High Scope Preschool, and Montessori. From these three methods, we combine a long period of self-directed play, planning and reviewing, small group activities, and teacher observations.