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Welcome to Paradise Hills Community Preschool.  Our School is community owned and operated by the parents of current students.  It is our hope that this handbook will help explain policies, procedures, and responsibilities assumed by parents when they enroll their children.

This preschool has been in this community since 1966.  It was originally a kindergarten before APS incorporated kindergartens into their system.  At that time, it was made into a community preschool.  The original teacher moved after a few years, and the preschool was left in the capable hands of Marlene Lacy who continued as the director.  She retired after her nineteenth year.  Our current director, Mrs. Barbara Lindsey has been overseeing the operation of the preschool since 1997.  If you have had any previous experience with the preschool, you may notice changes.  Some of these are reflected in tuition changes, others in the equipment and environment.  We believe that both changes and long standing traditions are for the good of the children and the community.  We are proud of the fine reputation that has been established throughout the years the school has been in operation.  With the support of concerned and involved parents, the high quality of education will continue.