Mrs. Barbara Lindsey is the teacher/director of our preschool.  She has a BA in Early Childhood Multicultural Education, a teaching certificate for ages 0-3rdgrade, a CDA, and an administrative credential from NAC.  Mrs. Lindsey has been teaching young children since 1992 and has been with Paradise Hills Community Preschool since 1996.  Her four children have all attended the preschool.  She loves teaching preschoolers and helping them reach their full potential and develop life skills that will help them be competent adults.


Natalie Chacon is a wonderful teacher, and has a great history with the development of the preschool. She first came into the preschool as a student at UNM and a new mother. She was impressive as she managed, learned and influenced students as she was growing and learning at the same time. She has been teaching ever since as her family moved across the country, and after 8 years she was able to come back. We are so lucky to have her. She is very organized, enthusiastic and focuses on elevating our student’s education. She has two wonderful boys and is married to her high school sweetheart. She brings light and happiness with her infectious laugh.

Mrs. Tina Good is a mother of three daughters who have all attended the preschool. She loves the preschool and is very happy to teach. She has her degree in Psychology, but is taking on a new challenge this year. She is very excited and eager to meet and teach all of the children.

Krysta Orona is also a mother of one of our preschoolers. We got to know her when she registered her first son, and now her second son is just about to leave the school this year. She joined us last year near the end when we lost our assistant teacher. The she came along and works part time for us. She is a very quiet and peaceful personality that helps us all to stay calm, and focused. We are very grateful for her.

Office Manager

Honey Breen has been a fantastic and supportive mother of the preschool for 6 years and now is our office manager. We met her when she registered her oldest daughter and have had two more of her wonderful children pass through the preschool. As she nears the end of her parent role at the preschool, she has just jumped on board with tremendous enthusiasm to be our office manager. She has learned about her job on the run and has been running all year. We are grateful ever day for Honey, she is an amazing person and works very hard for the good of the preschool.